I am so glad you are here. I’ve got something for you. 

If you are ready to be healed from long-term, messy issues that have been causing pain, suffering, and disappointment in your life, you arrived at the right place.

I specialize in rapid healing from  issues and patterns that has been plaguing your life or has been keeping you stuck. 

Sometimes, we have learned the lesson but the pattern is still there. Or we just need an extra pair of eyes and ears to get the final picture and let go of the painful story. By setting ourselves free from reliving an old pattern, we are free to respond to life in the moment, instead of re-living old stories.

We are in the Aquarian age and healings are happening fast. Every healer who offers short term healing has their own version, I have my own.

For deeper details on how I work and the healings occur please click here.

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Look forward to crossing paths with you. 



“I feel like when I reached out to you initially, I was feeling so lost and upset and directionless. I can honestly tell you that’s not the case anymore.  I don’t have the same worry and fears that were holding me down before. For a while I kept waiting for the old, negative energy to come back, but it hasn’t. I feel much lighter than I’ve felt in years. Honestly, at times it almost feels like a “high” feeling because I think I had gotten so used to living with that low energy. So, to have that lifted is such an incredible feeling. My outlook and sense of well-being has markedly improved. I truly appreciate the help you’ve provided me with!”

-M.B. (California, July 2016- one month follow up after session)