About YOU

What brought you here, dear seeker?

Maybe in this very moment, you are asking yourself:

I know that I need to love myself. I don’t know how. What does self-love mean anyway?

I have many ideas and dreams. Where do I start?

Why do I keep attracting the kind of partners who cheat or are abusive and disrespectful to me?

How can get I get over my ex and move on?

I get excited about a project or an idea but can’t seem to get traction. How do I get off the procrastination wheel?

I have the good job, the house, the car and the clothes. But my life feels empty. How can I bring joy into my life?

The relationship was going so well. Now we’re fighting all the time and she doesn’t want to have sex. What went wrong? I love her so much!

I can’t figure out what to do with my life. I don’t like my job but I don’t know what else to do. How can I find work that feels fulfilling?

You are among millions of those who are asking these same or very similar questions right now. Believe me, you are not alone.

You see, you have a special contribution, your own thumbprint, that you bring to this planet. No one has lived your life and no one will. No one has the opportunity to be you. Additionally, no one will or can live and grow through your challenges for you. You are ready when you are ready. This is not a race but a journey designed to upgrade you to a happier, more purposeful, more loving, freer version of you.

You are also one of the pieces of the puzzle of humanity, interdependent and connected with others. Yet, you are also an individual who has yearnings for his/her own uniqueness to be seen, heard, expressed and appreciated. Your current challenges are just there to help you move through these lessons, to share your authentic self in a more empowered, joyful way. Your way and path will not be like anyone else’s. That is why the help and coaching you receive needs to be customized for you.

If you need help recovering from a break up, changing your relationship patterns, rebuilding your life after a traumatic life event, finding/creating work that fulfills you emotionally and spiritually, healing what’s causing pain in your relationships or learning how to love yourself, I am the coach for you.

Email me to see if we are good fit. I would love to help you use your current hurdles and challenges in relationships and career choices as fertilizer to a new season of bloom.

Contact me and ask me your most burning question.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With love and appreciation.